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2018 Raingutter Regatta

Pack 275 – 2018 Raingutter Regatta Information

How to build your boat

Your boat kit will look like this:

  1. Design your sail: Use Crayons or Markers to make your boat sail unique. Be sure to include your name! This is easier to do before the boat is assembled.
  2. Shape the Hull: Use the provided sandpaper to round out the bow (front) bottom of the boat.
  3. Attach the Mast: The mast should just push into place. Secure with a dab of hot glue.
  4. Attach the Rudder: insert the wooden rudder into the slot. Secure with a dab of hot glue (optional)
  5. Attach the Sail: Slide the sail down onto the Mast
  6. Test it out: practice sailing techniques!

How the Hull should look after being shaped:

Captaining your boat

No matter how well you make your boat, victory demands a skilled captain. An even wind, for instance, moves the boat faster than do frantic puffs.

Practice long, steady breaths. Your breath should hit the sail directly behind the sail and just below the center.

NEW: Straws will not be allowed this year.

If you’re too high, blowing downward, you will force the bow down, slowing the boat. You’ll blow your chance to win.

Position yourself so that you are blowing from behind the boat and slightly up, using a gentle, steady breath.

We will provide time for each scout to practice blowing the boat at least one time before the races.

Race Rules

  1. Each boat must start with the back of the boat touching the end of the race track; the Scout must hold it there with one hand.
  2. The Scouts blow air on the sails of the boat to move them through the water.
  3. Hands may only be used to upright a turned over boat and may not be used to advance the boat.(monitored by adults)
  4. The Scouts may not use their faces, lips, hats, nose or other body parts to move the boat — just their lung power!
  5. We will race each den at a time starting with the Lions.
  6. The scouts with the best times within their den will earn 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place ribbons.
  7. The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners from each den will advance to the championship bracket (below).

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